STEM Education Initiative

(Fostering Curiosity & Learning through Technology & Innovation)

On November 5, 2022, children’s presence filled SOIR-IM campus with energy, excitement and
motivation to keep on working with communities in need. We are thrilled to share about our
new initiative – STEM Education Program which we are directly implementing with students of
grade 6 and upwards coming from underprivileged communities. SOIR-IM inaugurated its STEM
Learning Lab at its own campus on November 5, 2022, imparting STEM based education toapprox. 100 students of Moravian Institute – an organization helping students’ education who
come from marginalized communities across India.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering 

& Mathematics) Education is one step forward by

SOIR-IM to equip our young generations with 21 st century skills and build their capacity to cope
with emerging technologies and livelihood options associated with it. We expect that through
this initiative:

– Young minds will be able to learn, experiment and innovate more as compared to
conventional way of learning in schools.
– Students will be able to understand theoretical concepts more easily by hands on
learning and practical activities.
– They will be more equipped with knowledge and skills that are more relevant to current
scenario of employment and livelihood i.e. technology, engineering, cognitive skills.
– Students will be in a better position to select specific subjects in higher education based
on their learning in STEM lab.
– They will be able to tinker more and this way learn more.

SOIR-IM since 1970s has been engaging with grassroot NGOs for economic and social inclusion
of marginalized communities with a vision to eradicate poverty and exclusion. Our goals have
remained the same but the strategies to achieve those goals keep evolving depending on
changing social dynamics, needs and aspirations and STEM education is one such change in our

We hope to reach more young innovators through this initiative and heartily welcome support
in any way possible (financial, technical, collaborative). Please reach out to us to know more
about STEM Education Program and young minds’ response to new ways of learning!