Our activities are guided by the needs and conditions of the people and groups we work with, with the aim of strengthening their drive and self-empowerment.


Individual | Organisational | Institutional


SOIR-IM brings sustainable change on three levels:

Individual level [EMPOWERMENT] – we strengthen individuals and create opportunities for them.

Organisational level [MOBILISATION] – we help and make it easier for people to unite and set up organisations in order to find common solutions.

Institutional level [SOCIETAL CHANGE]– we work to change formal and informal rules that shape people’s behaviour and attitudes.

Approach: Our emphasis will be on sustainable development and women and young people will be the focus of our efforts.


Mainstreaming Areas

Gender: We ensures that all the projects are gender sensitive and address issues of inequality.  This is done by integrating or mainstreaming gender into all interventions irrespective of the thematic focus. 

Environment and Climate/resilience: We ensure that environment concerns are properly mainstreamed in all of our intervention through systematic monitoring and documentation to analyse the impact of our work on environment and that the principle of do no harm is maintained. 


An ecosystem of partners

To create more efficient, scalable and sustainable societal change we aim to work with a wide range of CSO such as; implementing CSO, dialogue CSO and leverage CSO which accelerate scalability and impact. SOIR-IM’s role is to be a capacity builder as well as an enabler and a connector and catalyst for change and development in the partner ecosystem.