We fight for a world without poverty
and exclusion


All individuals have the right to be an equal member of society, with the same human rights regardless of gender, disabilities and social status.


Everyone deserves to be in control of their own economic life and have the possibility to earn their own income, own land and afford an education.


Civil Society plays an important role in a democratic society. A strong civil society can represent and support marginalized groups while raising awareness.

Fair Trade

Fair trade principles is a way to strengthen the rights of marginalized producers & that economic growth should support sustainable production & consumption.



- SOIR-IM along with its partners have distributed face masks among community, volunteers and community workers. We have also distributed sanitation and hygiene kit among the poor and needy households.

- Essential food materials support to the poor artisans and families of children with different abilities during the lockdown. We have also given livelihood support to the marginalised women.

- Creating awareness on COVID-19 in vernacular language at community level.

- This year 195 rights holders accessed government entitlements and benefits under programme implemented by SOIR-IM partner Mount Valley Development Association.

- SOIR-IM Partner Kiran enrolled 55 (32 boys and 23 girls) Children with Different Abilities (CwDA) and was able to retain them in low resourced government schools.

- Around 250 women in Uttarakhand are now able to sell their farm produce at better prices through an initiative ‘Sunday Market’.

- Mountain Children Foundation’s continuous dialogue with State Commission for Protection of Child Rights enrolled 26 children from the tribal community to school.

- Maximising Employment to Serve the Handicapped (MESH) diversified the skill set of one of its producer groups Anand Craft that also comprises 10 women living with leprosy.

SOIR-IM gears itself to meet the challenges of the changing times with no compromise to the vision and mission of the organisation.

– Aasha Ramesh

Their focus on girl child and right for inclusion of the marginalized children has been constant.

– Sangeeta J.K.

SOIR-IM as one of the oldest friends of the Central Tibetan Administration has been working with the Tibetan refugee community in exile since the early 1960s

– Social & Resource Development Fund


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